Seminars & Workshops

We believe in the fact that learning never stops and that it is an ongoing process that can happen anytime anywhere and at any age and this is the reason behind the regular attendance at several workshops and conferences by Skyland teachers both within the city, nationwide as also international venues. The regular updating and up gradation with whatever is the latest practice or norm helps us to be a forerunner in teaching practices.


School trips per global education philosophy, we believe in conducting regular tours trips and excursions for students. This includes both national and international to explore unique environments, cultures, and adventure. This is also done with the aim of bringing students close to our Indian culture, to develop a love for scenic beauty and become environment-friendly, give them an insight into different aspects of the world and life at large. The focus is on giving them a chance to explore places and avenues that they would not necessarily otherwise be able to do. It also gives them a chance to observe and interact in a group situation. Skills of adjustment, leadership, teamwork and good communication etc. get interwoven through such tours. The trips will include short day trips as well as overnight ones. The places are liable to change, depending on the needs of the children and the requirement of the syllabus.


Community Outreach ProgramsThere are several such programmes undertaken to sensitize students to the real world around, so that they groom themselves in a realistic way and not in a world cut off from harsh realities and that they do not get shocked by the state of affairs when they step out from the cosy confines of the school after they pass out. These programs include cleanliness drive, Joy of giving, tree plantation drive, AIDS awareness drive, shoe collection, and distribution drive and many more.

Fee Structure