Training Programs

The teacher here would understand the needs of the child according to specific milestones, stages of development and goals to be achieved. A Skyland teacher would be able to know the child best, nurture him completely, create and prepare an environment which would accept onus for complete development of the child. The focus would be character building, good human values, environmental knowledge and care besides social skills and aptitudes.


The group has always led the changing world of Education today. We realize the evolved teaching needs along with the needs and learning styles of children of the present times. The continuous process of evolution in terms of awareness of the world, the consciousness of the self, responsibility to the environment and above all development of good character and values, require teachers to be at a new standpoint of preparedness.

Being in the field of education, the group has realized the need for a “Progressive Teacher Training Program” which can actually empower the teachers to help the child learn effortlessly and absolutely.

The Skyland training program is designed by the experts in education, psychology, physiology, pedagogy and above all by people who are intensely passionate about teaching in a way that learning happens on its own.

Our training program has the best of the Montessori Method by a well-known expert in the field. Besides it has in its content, areas which are unexplored by any other teacher training program till now but which are skills that every teacher requires in her day to day working.

Fee Structure